about Our Bakery

Blackmarket Bakery launched with a simple vision - to create delight featuring real ingredients, classic technique and a sense of fun.  This began in a commercial kitchen - in the flight path under John Wayne Airport - to supply baked goods for farmers markets and caterers. 

Later, inspired by memories of her childhood in the South — of bakeries and candy shops — Chef Rachel, her family and staff opened retail locations in Costa Mesa, Santa Ana, and San Diego. Each has its own distinct personality, but are all designed to provide handmade goodness, both sweet and savory.

The Blackmarketeers expand their scratch-made line of pastries - from scones and croissants to cookies and cakes - to change with the seasons.  They brew local coffee and espresso,  bake daily bread and pastries and whip up nostalgic desserts - to provide a “conscious moment of indulgence”.

by hand.   from scratch.

Basic ingredients plus inspired technique plus a sense of humor -

this sums up our culinary philosophy.

If we can’t pronounce it, we don’t use it. If your grandmother wouldn’t bake with it, we won’t either.

Eat a Berry Poppins and you will taste scratch-made raspberry/blackberry jam, berry glaze and buttery pie dough.  Try our Flourless Walnut Mudslide Cookie and you will taste the 5 ingredients - Walnuts, Cocoa Powder, Powdered Sugar, Egg Whites and Vanilla.  We believe in using all natural, authentic ingredients. By using classical procedures, our food gets to be the best version of itself.


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