May 2021

Blackmarket’s North Park location baked goods range from cookies, tarts, scones, croissants, breads, and layer cakes. The cafe also features Dark Horse Coffee and a selection of savory breakfast and lunch sandwiches.


february 2021

Always sweet and never boring, Blackmarket Bakery is full of personality, unique treats and only the best ingredients...


Chef Rachel Wins Food Network's Chopped Sweets Episode

October 2019

Chef Rachel Wins Cake Episode of Food Network's Chopped Sweets Showdown!  Season 43, episode 11.  Catch it on Food Network or watch it streaming on Amazon!


september 2019

Readers Choice!!


August 2019

I don’t know if you guys know this, but I’m sort of a chocolate chip cookie connoisseur… If you ask me who has the best chocolate chip cookies in the Orange County area, I can name off a top five… In my top five is definitely Blackmarket Bakery. 


December 2018

To celebrate national cookie day Cookie Good, The Dirty Cookie, Cookie Dough Dreams, and Blackmarket Bakery joined us live with a preview of some their cookies.


December 2018

5. Don’t worry about mistakes. If it’s burned, it’s game over. But if the sponge cake doesn’t rise or the brownies are too gooey, don’t sweat it. “Stick ice cream on things and turn it into a big sundae.” Remember you’re baking for loved ones, it’s the time of year to put down the iPad and the cell phone and enjoy each other.  “If they’re family? They’re gonna forgive you,” Klemek says.


November 2018

San Diego Magazine

It’s fall in dessert form (and we’re not talking about pumpkin spice lattes). The Betty is a molasses-based cookie with apricot, ginger, and cinnamon.


september 2018

A more delicious cake may exist, but where would you find it? A grandma’s kitchen in a colorized movie from the silent era, maybe. These “blackmarketeers” create all the baked goods by hand, from scratch, with real butter. Just perfection... 


August 2013

Behind the scenes at our original production kitchen in Irvine.  Chef Rachel makes Black Widow Tarts and handmade Marshmallows and Bob the photographer captures it.