Current Flavors

Black Widow: Dark Chocolate Ganache and Sea Salt Caramel in our Chocolate Tart Shell


Basque Berry: Basque Filling atop Citrus Cream and Raspberries in a Vanilla Tart Shell

Black-Bottom Creme Brulee: Chocolate Ganache & Sponge Cake topped with Rich Vanilla Custard and Torched Sugar in our Vanilla Tart Shell 

Classic Berry: Assorted Fresh Berries, sitting atop Vanilla Pastry Cream and a layer of Dark Chocolate Ganache in our Vanilla Tart Shell

Stab in the Dark: Dark Chocolate Mousse nestled into our Chocolate Tart Shell, topped with Fresh Raspberries and drizzled with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Largo: Our classic Citrus Cream Filling in our Vanilla Tart Shell, topped with Vanilla Whip and Berries

Mini Tarts

Our Mini Tarts (2 - 3 Bite) are available for order only.  Please allow 2 - 3 days advance notice and order 12 minimum per flavor.  Please ask your local bakery what flavors are currently featured.

Our Mini Tart Collection (4 each of 4 flavors) currently features

Basque Berry, Creme Brulee, Black Widow, and Largo.

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