Feed your Crew

Please Allow 3 Days Notice 


Handmade Pastries

BOX Size: M $37/16 pcs

           L $51/24 pcs


Petite Croissants (Seasonal, Choc, Almond) & Mini Scones (Choc Raspberry, Seasonal)

Mini Cinnamon Rolls

BOX Size: M $37/12 pcs

Contains: Fresh Baked Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Glaze

Eggywich Sliders

BOX Size: S $47/ 12 pcs

                  L $86/ 24 pcs


Plain Jane (egg, cheddar, brioche bun)

Farmhouse (egg, cheddar, bacon, ham, brioche bun)

KEAN Drip Coffee

96 oz Coffee Carafe $28/serves 8 - 10

Contains: Cups/lids/sleeves, creamers, stir sticks, sugar and sugar substitute for 10

Blackmarket Catering Ordering Information

All orders are arranged on disposable trays or bowls, you need not return anything!

Blackmarket chefs need time to make your order awesome.

A minimum of 72 hours (aka 3 days) advance notice of pickup is required.

Orders for pickup during open Costa Mesa or Santa Ana Bakery hours:

*Subject to change. Please confirm bakery hours when ordering.

  • There is no minimum for orders for pick up during Blackmarket Bakery Hours.

To place your order please provide the following:

  • Name of contact and business.

  • Full address and phone number.

  • Date, day and time of pickup.

  • Advance payment due at the time of ordering.

Things happen!

When they do, cancellations must be made within 24 hours for refunds.


Custom menus require additional notice and special pricing.  Blackmarket chefs will make reasonable substitutions if an ingredient is unavailable.